I hope to empower people to listen to their own wisdom and use this knowledge to practice self care and preventative medicine. A great place to start is with an herbal medicine consultation. Review the options below and click on the link to schedule an appointment. 


Wellness Package

Telegraphic Tree's Wellness Package is a comprehensive individualized action plan which includes the following:


  • 60-90 minute consultation to talk about health goals and review health history
  • Discussion of overall wellness, diet and lifestyle


  • Individualized written recommendations including: guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes, information about supplements and suggestions for a personalized herbal formula
  • Customized formulas can be purchased through my apothecary where I stock a variety of herbs for teas and tinctures. These formulas are priced separately.


  • 30-60 minute meeting to check-in and modify your plan if necessary
  • Typically takes place 4 weeks after first visit

Follow-up Session
$35-$60 (sliding scale)

The Wellness Check-in is designed as a support session to existing clients to expand on an existing plan or address new concerns

CHECK-IN Session

  • 30-60 minute meeting to check-in and modify your plan if necessary
  • Discuss progress and fine tune initial wellness plan

Ask an Herbalist
$5+ (donation)

Do you have a specific question but don't want to book a whole consultation? Send me a message via the form below and I will follow up with you. Donations via Paypal are appreciated.