Combining herbal medicine with lifestyle and dietary changes has the potential to create radical and sustaining transformation on many levels. I want to serve as a resource, a guide, and a bridge between plants and people.









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My work with herbal medicine began with a calling to be in direct healing relationships with people. A longing to commune with nature coupled with a curiosity about health naturally lead me to plant medicine.

Molly Landergan


a clinical herbalist and artist living in Philadelphia, PA. I grew up in the mountains of Virginia but have made my home in West Philadelphia since 2004. 

I received my undergraduate degree in sociology from James Madison University and completed post baccalaureate work at the University of Pennsylvania where I studied photography, video and printmaking. These disciplines, the combination of science and art, proved foundational to my work as an herbalist.

My formal herbal medicine training began with Susan Hess at Farm at Coventry. It was through her classes that I became anchored on my path as an herbalist. In 2014, I completed a two year extensive training course in clinical herbalism at David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies. I spent an additional year in 2015 studying with David Winston in his Therapeutics program. 

Within my own healing journey, I have taken an integrative approach by weaving together a variety of complementary modalities including herbal medicine, acupuncture, meditation, Western medicine, yoga, energy work, tarot, astrology and nature based spiritual practices. This work has expanded my perspective on health and reinforced my belief that medicine at its very best works holistically. 


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For most of my life I have been an artist and have used photography as my medium. When I first moved to Philadelphia, the focus of my artwork shifted and I became really interested in documenting nature. It was inescapable. My photographs were of trees, flowers and the connections between humans and nature. I believe my intuition was guiding me to look at the plants. They were calling me to pay attention and I did.






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